How is paint harmful to the environment?

An eco friendly paint option can look great and do good things for the environment.

Is Paint Dangerous?

There was a time when painting your home meant waiting for a nice day to open all the doors and windows, roll out the tarp, and hold your breath while you painted a room. Everyone has known for a long time now that breathing in the fumes from a can of paint is not just dangerous, but deadly. However, many may not be aware that eco friendly options are rising up the chain in popularity. Eco friendly paints are, of course, great for the environment, but they are also a much better option for your health. They don’t contain the toxic chemicals that can negatively affect you or your tenants. They are considerably safer to use indoors and outdoors. If you are considering eco friendly paint for your Cincinnati, OH property, reach out to Sharp Paintworx. Call us at (513) 996-6835 to learn more.

What is Eco Friendly Paint?

Eco friendly paint is designed to have lower levels of VOCs (volatile organic compounds). These natural paints are designed to have less of an impact on the environment. VOCs react with oxygen and create a layer of ozone when in direct sunlight. It is suggested that that ozone that is created by VOC paints negatively affects the global cooling and warming as part of the greenhouse gas effect. For eco-friendly painting for Cincinnati, OH, contact Sharp Paintworx.

We work with a variety of eco friendly paint options for the interior or exterior of your home.

What Makes Paint Eco-Friendly

What sets eco friendly paints apart is the fact that they contain little to no VOCs. This means that there are less toxic fumes and less dangerous impact on the environment. In fact, there is a considerable chance the air in and around your home isn’t safe 80% of the time. That can change when you switch to natural paints. Eco friendly paint for houses comes in several different varieties such as:

  • Clay
  • Milk protein
  • Citrus
  • Balsam
  • And other natural minerals

A very popular option for natural paints are the milk based paints. These are created from the milk based protein casein, and a little lime. Milk based paints often come in the form of powders and are mixed with water. Because of their manufacturing, they produce little to no odors which is why they are very suitable for indoor painting. However, if you are wanting any siding services completed with a milk based paint, then you’ll find some issues. This paint does not do well outdoors, but there are plenty of other options that do.

Eco Friendly Paint Products

Paints are not the only item to have eco-friendly alternatives. If you are looking for an eco friendly paint thinner, there are several options on the market. The most popular are citrus based solvents. These work just like any other paint thinner to dissolve and dilute most oils, resins, and oil paints. There are even options for eco friendly paint and varnish removers. Like paint thinners, there are several options made from citrus, but there are a few that are also made with non-caustic gels and even soybeans. No longer are the days with heavily fumed and toxic methylene chloride based removers. Newer technology and advancements mean that we can paint, remove, and restore homes without damaging our environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the healthiest paint?
    • Any paint that contains natural pigments, is milk based, or states that it does not contain any VOCs.
  • Are painted rocks bad for the environment?
    • Rocks painted with toxic paint, paint filled with VOCs, can be consumed by animals or seep into the soil leading to serious damages. So toxic painted rocks are bad, but eco-friendly painted rocks are not as dangerous.
  • What is VOC free paint?
    • Paints that contain low level, or even no, volatile organic compounds. Up until recently, VOCs were considered essential to the performance of paint.
  • How is paint harmful to the environment?
    • Most traditional paints contain VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) that react with oxygen and form an ozone layer with the presence of sunlight. This ozone that is produced is thought to be a contributing factor to the ever decreasing ozone layer of the planet.
Eco friendly paints have less VOCs which means there will be less fumes, making these paints great for interior jobs.

Contact Us for the Latest in Eco Friendly Paints

If you have been considering natural alternatives for your home and office, why not also consider eco friendly paint? Natural, eco friendly paints are made with the environment and the users in mind. Instead of being filled with toxic chemicals, they are made with natural ingredients that are less harsh on the environment. They contain significantly less VOCs which mean the air in and around your home is much healthier. You can reduce the toxicity in your home when you make the switch to natural based paints. For eco friendly paint in Cincinnati, OH, call Sharp Paintworx today at (513) 996-6835. We can go over our options as well as our services. Give us a call to schedule an appointment and a consultation.