Residential Painting in Cincinnati, OH

A Home with a Very Intricately Designed and Painted Ceiling.

Are You Needing Residential Painting Service in Cincinnati, OH? Call Sharp Paintworx!

When you need residential painting service for your Cincinnati, OH home and want to work with a local painting company, call Sharp Paintworx. We have the skills and experience to increase your home’s value, as well as improve the curb appeal and aesthetic of your home with our painting services. Whether it’s the interior or exterior walls of your home you want painted, our painting contractors are able to provide professional, timely, and precise work. Set up a consultation with one of our painters today by calling (513) 996-6835.

Our Residential Painting Services

At Sharp Paintworx, we are able to provide interior and exterior painting for your home. Before we set up any type of appointment, we will schedule a consultation in order to look at the areas you want to be painted. This will give us a chance to determine how many painters we will need, as well as go over color choices. Deciding on a color can be very difficult, but our painters have been in this business a long time and are able to offer their professional opinion on what will look the best with the style of your home, as well as the decor.

After the initial consultation, we will set up an appointment time for residential painting service for your Cincinnati, OH home. We ask that our customers to move their belongings in any of the rooms that we will paint in, so there isn’t a chance that we will get paint on them. From there, we will begin our process that is used for both exterior and interior painting.

  • Cover Areas: We will use tarps and plastic sheeting to cover furniture, floors, plants, and other shrubberies, depending on if you are getting interior or exterior painting for your home.
  • Wash Walls: Whether its the exterior or interior walls, we will wash the walls to remove dirt, grime, and stains. If it’s for exterior walls, we will use a power wash to remove mold and mildew.
  • Prep Walls: Once the walls have been washed, our painters will then prep them. We will fill in holes, cracks, and gaps, and remove peeling paint.
  • Painting Walls: When the walls have been prepped and are ready to go, our painters will then paint your interior and exterior walls.
  • Cleanup: With every single job that we perform, our painters will have the outside and inside of your home looking like it did before, by removing paint cans, tools, and any paint scrapes and chips.
A Home that Has Had It's Exterior Walls Painted a Beige Color.

From Exterior To Interior Painting, You Can Depend On Our Residential Painting Service.

To set up an appointment for residential painting in the Cincinnati, OH area, feel free to call our painting contractors at (513) 996-6835.

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We want you to get the look and feel for the interior and exterior walls of your residential property, which is why we offer custom paint finishes. Whether you want the look of marble on your walls or you are interested in having a more textured appearance, our painters are knowledgeable about the most popular techniques and methods to get the job done. We take the health of our customers seriously, which is why we use eco-friendly paints.  A lot of traditional latex-based paints have VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, which leave behind chemical waste, even years after a paint job has been finished. With eco-friendly painting, we can ensure that you, your family, and even the environment are protected. If you want to work with a painting company who offers high-quality residential painting in Cincinnati, OH, give us a call at (513) 996-6835!